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Shaar Yishuv

Masa Beizy (easy trek) is located on shar yeshuv village
among groves of olive trees and apricots, a laid back Environment will welcome you with the view of mount Hermon and the Golan highest

Our activity will take you to a self-drive of road trip, comfortable automatic mini jip will take you on a journey with one of our homade guides to a lovely trip.

We will cross the banyas river one of the 3 origins of the Jordan on our way to the slops of the Golan highest
We will stop on a nice lookout were we can see the labanis border, hula valley and the area around us.

The trip will be of 1.5 hours and our minijips are for 3-5 people.
Driving is only with driver license and minimum age for riding-2. : כל הזכויות שמורות למסע באיזי - שאר ישוב , הגליל העליון. טלפון: 04-6904440 | נייד: 052-6904440 | דוא"ל
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